Interesting Facts… Really!

When hearing the word charcoal, many think of the charcoal briquette used in outdoor barbecues. Quite contrary, activated charcoal (activated carbon) is safe to ingest and its use for medicinal purposes dates back centuries as well as today.

Ancient Egypt

Activated charcoal’s use dates back to ancient Egypt to treat numerous ills including as a natural detoxifier to help cleanse the body and assist with its healing process.

Medical use today

Activated charcoal is a natural, safe ingredient widely used in hospitals today as an emergency antidote for accidental poisoning (such as overdoses). This is because activated charcoal’s unique properties can help prevent adsorption of poisons by the stomach and small intestines. Note: CharcoCaps® is not a treatment for accidental poisoning.

Made from Coconut Shells

Activated charcoal is made from coconut shells (vegetable matter) heated without oxygen to an exceptionally high temperature that results in an extremely porous and large surface area of virtually pure natural carbon. It is then activated by steam at 400 degrees Celsius under high pressure which further purifies it.

Other Uses

Beauty & Oral Care

  • Black Head Removal
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Deodorant & Soaps

First Aid

  • Comforts itchy skin