How Does CharcoCaps® Work?

Activated charcoal, the ingredient in CharcoCaps® Anti-Gas formula, is a safe and natural substance that is effective for cleansing the body of unwanted materials and eliminating excessive flatulence, intestinal gas & bloating FAST*. The activated charcoal works by binding to gas and toxins and carrying them safely out through the digestive system.

CharcoCaps® can be taken either before, during or after eating high-gas producing foods, or at the first sign of discomfort. Take 2 capsules with water preferably right before meals and as needed after eating problem foods. Repeat after two hours if necessary, but do not exceed 16 capsules per day.

CharcoCaps® should not be taken at the same time as other medications, vitamins or supplements as these products can be adsorbed as well and their effectiveness reduced. Wait 2 hours before and after taking any other medications including birth control pills. For time released medication or if you have any further concerns, we suggest you consult with your physician.