The Take on Take-Out

Posted on August 3, 2017

If you’re spending about half your food budget on take-out or delivery, restaurant industry analysts report you’re helping to drive billions of dollars in annual sales. Dine-out options and apps such as Grubhub make it possible to spend more time eating a meal than getting it to your table, but gas-sufferers need to be careful about their choices. Our guide to optimal menu wisely will help keep you comfortable while you make the most of the lazy days of summer.

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Guidelines for gas sufferers

If you know your triggers, don’t be tempted to order a dish containing forbidden foods ‘just this once.’ If the menu offers a range of cooking methods, avoid anything that’s fried or sauced. Some restaurants list nutrition information in addition to ingredients and preparation, so be sure to check for the details whenever they’re available.

Cuisine-specific options

Think outside the Bento box and try the following strategies.

Healthy Eating SF Gate says that Atkins advises Chinese food fans to pass up traditional starters such as “egg rolls, fried wontons, dim sum, dumplings, prawn toast or batter-fried shrimp” in favor of “clear soups. You probably already steer clear of MSG; make sure to avoid carbohydrate-rich thickeners such as cornstarch. “Americanized recipes often replace the thickening qualities of high heat with cornstarch, or use cornstarch in dishes that don’t call for marinades. Your best bet is to order meals without the sauce, but if you need a little extra flavor, get the sauce on the side.”

Asian dishes commonly boast gas-fighting spices such as star anise, cardamom, and fennel. ” … these spices can go a long way in keeping the tummy taut and gas-free.” Apply these basic principles to each of the following for a trouble-free dining experience.

Think sashimi, not sushi.

If you’re trying to add fermented foods to your diet, kimchi is your friend.

‘Pizza’ and ‘healthy’ aren’t often mentioned in the same sentence. Eat This, Not That has your back; click here for a list of popular chain your best bets from the likes of Domino’s, Pizzeria Uno, and more.

An overview of restaurant apps

Digital Trends offers a roundup of iOS and Android-compatible apps. Best bets are Seamless and GrubHub, respectively serving the wired and hungry in 600 or 900 cities.

Tummy-friendly meal delivery services

As we reported last April, you can enjoy the convenience of a delivery service, the menu preparation of a personal chef, and big-city product selection if you subscribe to a meal delivery service. We did the legwork for you and found services that are ideal for gas sufferers. You can click through and read which suits your tastes and budget, or follow these links to choose among Fresh DirectBlue ApronHello FreshPlated, and Fresh Realm

You’re probably careful to avoid processed foods at the supermarket, but it’s tempting to forget about nutrition labels when someone else is doing the shopping. Our tips and online resources can help you make healthy menu choices and enjoy the convenience of take-out.

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